Hello and welcome… my name is Wendy House and I am a qualified Counsellor and Transpersonal Art Therapist. I use counselling along with art making and the creative process to inspire and empower people to transform their lives. Through the creative process a person can resolve conflicts and problems. The creative process can help reduce stress, increase self-esteem and self-awareness.

​My practice is based on compassion and encouragement for those who are growing and discovering themselves. I believe everyone has within themselves the ability and desire to move themselves in the direction of wellness and fulfilment. It is not my job, or desire to suggest to you what to do. My work is dedicated to freeing you up so your innate drive for wellness and fulfilment works effectively for you.

​I would describe myself as a change-maker and visionary. I believe in the ability to transform the undesirable into the exceptional. I really enjoy taking something fragmented and making it whole.

I offer a unique and magical therapy space. Private Art Therapy and Counselling, and Workshops and Classes are offered amongst the natural surroundings of three acres of bush-land on a deck without the usual four walls of a clinical space. This space offers the opportunity to experience peace and calm and safety.

I have many years experience of working in management, staff training and small business. I now use these skills along with my training as an Art Therapist and Counsellor to empower others to transform their lives.​