I have been thoroughly enjoying the Art Meditation sessions. Wendy is caring, engaging and encouraging. The 1 hour of relaxation is , in a safe, supportive environment to be creative, explore emotions, reflect, and grow. Any age, ability, or skill level can participate and enjoy the blissful benefits.


I hope this comment makes it to my friends news feeds……I know just how daunting it is to even admit that you are not coping let alone to ask for help.

For me…..talking to a psychologist just held no appeal but art therapy did. Obviously I’m artistic so there’s that appeal but I the two workshops I’ve done I’ve watched people with absolutely no artistic bones, get so much out of the art therapy .

It’s amazing because with Wendy’s help you learn how to interpret your own feelings and unlike talking to a psychologist you actually don’t HAVE to talk in-depth if you don’t want to. It does confront you to have to translate your thoughts or feelings into images but the process of trying different art mediums and following the activities given but it is worth it when you look back at what came out and see how relevant it all is to what’s happening in your life.

​I’m literally anxiety free for the first time in……shit…..my entire adult life and Wendy House has helped me get there.

Do yourself a favour, whether it’s anxiety or just stress….whatever you are struggling with…….GIVE IT A GO.

It doesn’t hurt.


Wendy has an amazingly knowledge based and intuitive approach to her life’s work.


Wendy has worked very hard to achieve her goal of becoming an Art Therapist and Counsellor. I believe that she puts her heart and soul into every class. Wendy is kind and caring and extremely patient with the most troubled students who need her very much. She has a lot to give and does that willingly.

Wendy has many life experiences and now formal study has given her the qualifications to help many. She enjoys her work in her chosen field very much.

I attended a six-week workshop for Art therapy for Building Self-Esteem that Wendy facilitated. I found it very interesting to observe her with others and I thoroughly enjoyed and found it useful and eye opening. She offered a nurturing environment that made everyone feel included.


I cannot recommend Wendy enough. this form of therapy is non invasive and creative but connects you with your inner self in a way that helps you understand, process and manage your feelings and reactions. I experience anxiety and depression and find Art therapy an excellent way to manage it.


I have completed a series of Art Therapy lessons with Wendy and found them truly enlightening.

She is an inspirational speaker/teacher who helped me to develop confidence in myself.

Wendy is very focused and always well prepared. She provided guidance through colour, collage and effective therapy with a kind heart to the emotions that surfaced as a result.

Wendy communicated easily with students and provided many strategies to support a healthy sense of well being.

​Wendy was very professional in delivering various aspects of art therapy. She listened to the needs of others and was always very open and approachable and provided effective counselling as needed.

​I have no hesitation in recommending Wendy as a art therapist .